Hardy Boat Cruises

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The Hardy Boat Cruises are a ferry service that run in New Harbor, Maine. Take a tour with the ferry service for an up close look at the Atlantic Ocean and the many animals that live in or near it. Locals love this service because the staff who run the ferry are kind and knowledgeable about the puffins who migrate in the area. If you want to learn the history of the area and the animals you'll see, the staff on the ferry are more than willing to talk to you. You'll love the awesome viewing opportunities that come from riding with the Hardy Boat Cruises. 

Available Trips

Hardy Boat Cruises has two main trips:

1. Monhegan Island Ferry Service - You'll be ferried over to Monhegan Island, a beautiful area that was once called the "Crown Jewel of Muscongus Bay." You can visit a shipwreck or see the quaint town on the island when you visit.

2. Puffin Watch - Mostly running from June 20 to late in August, the Puffin Watch tour is a great way to see puffins and seals in their natural living spaces. Be sure to check in often for this tour as when the puffins migrate, the tour isn't available.

You can also go on a Matinicus Rock Trip or a July 4th Fireworks Cruise with this boat service.

What to Bring

There are multiple prohibitions for items you can bring for your boat tour, mainly when travelling to Monhegan Island. Some of the items you can bring that aren't prohibited are:
  • Your dog (after paying a small fee)
  • A camera with good zooming capabilities
  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Seasickness medicine
  • Cash
  • Kayak (after paying a fee)

The boat has snacks available for you to enjoy while travelling on the water.

What to Bring

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