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Something Old, Something New

Welcome to Thompson Cottages 1st blog post! This year marks the start of a new chapter as my husband, Charlie, and I assume management of the family business. Last year was the business' centennial, giving us the honor of ushering in a new century. We also welcomed a baby boy into the world. . . a crazy year for an introduction to Earth. This is a year of transition in every sense! We thought it would be fun to share some of these experiences here.

In the wedding tradition of wearing "something old and something new" the "old" symbolizes protection for the baby-to-be and the "new" represents optimism of the future. This couldn't be more appropriate, although I'd extend the protection to us as well. It feels like we have the loving hands of not just my parents behind us but also the support of my ancestors. Everywhere I turn on the property there are reminders of my grandparents and those who came before them. I feel the need to honor each of them and thank them for all that they've given us.

Each generation has made its own contribution: my great-great grandfather Alexander Thompson had the Thompson House built in 1874, Guy Haley produced hundreds paintings that decorate our walls, Dan built the cottages, and Karen and Merle improved the infrastructure and brought the business into the computer age. With online booking and a regular social media presence we are trying to give the business a firm footing in the internet age. (You are still welcome to book by phone with a check though!) No doubt the next generation will make technological strides beyond the limits of our imagination, since technology seems to evolve with exponential speed. Perhaps it will be virtual reality cottage rentals? Or maybe rent-a-hovercraft for a daytrip to Monhegan?

On a finer scale, each individual has contributed their own skills and strengths. Edie brought a nurse's hospitable touch and keen eye for cleanliness. Dan contributed his glowing charisma and resourceful entrepreneurship. Karen offered her way with words and eye for aesthetics. Merle provided aptitude for problem-solving including fixing appliances. Charlie brings a fresh and artistic perspective, capturing the natural beauty of the setting through photography and video that has already contributed greatly to our publicity efforts. I bring my awe of nature and my background in marine biology.

In this blog we will cover a wide range of topics. Charlie is excited to learn some new skills and experiment with ways to integrate our own interests. He may do some behind the scenes blogging about maintenance, as well as some posts following the changing of the seasons in our little slice of paradise. I will contribute some local knowledge and history, some old family stories as well as suggestions of local gems for our guests to explore. Don't be shy to let us know what you're interested in hearing about by emailing or messaging us. We'll announce new blog posts on social media so that you can stay abreast of happenings at the Thompson Cottages.