Katherine, Charlie, and our staff are taking safety precautions very seriously. We expect everyone on our property to do the same—to protect all guests and staff.

1. Maine state law requires everyone to wear a mask when in public. You will see us wearing masks at all times. If we see you in public (i.e., around the main house) without a mask, we will ask you to put yours on. If we see you approaching us to talk without a mask, we will put up our hands to indicate that you must not get closer until you have a mask on.

2. We are supplying towels and sheets and asking people to bring their own pillows, blankets, and bedspreads.

3. The office and barn are locked, unmanned, and closed to the public. That means to everyone except Katherine, Charlie and our staff. It also means that there are no bathrooms available to the public. Please plan ahead for bathroom needs, etc.

4. WiFi is still at the office, but not in the office. You will need to stay outside and, on rainy days, in your car. We will provide chairs widely spaced; please keep a distance from those who are not family members, and always wear your mask.

5. We will be on the premises as little as possible, so if you need us you can call from the phone shed by the office. We will come down for urgent issues (broken toaster—not urgent; overflowing toilet—urgent). If we need to enter the cottage to fix a problem, we will give you instructions for this procedure on the phone.

6. We will provide replacements, supplies, towels, sheets on the office porch daily. We will take requests by phone or email until 2 p.m. and items will be on the office porch for pickup by 4 p.m. If you miss the 2 p.m. email/phone deadline, your items will be put out the next day.

We cannot put out items for pickup on Saturday, so please plan accordingly. And we ask that you do not come to the barn on Saturdays in search of linens, etc., so we can keep the building and grounds as clear and therefore as safe as possible for us and for you. Every one needs to wait for daily pickups. No exceptions.

7. We ask that you put all of your dirty sheets in one large garbage bag and tie it up. Put all dirty towels in another bag and tie it up. If you need to shake out blankets or bedding, please do so outside in order not to spread any germs through the air in the cottage. Also, please take your garbage to the trash shed.

8. Before leaving, please turn off the heat and open windows and doors—leave them open. Be mindful that we are going to be exposed to the air in the cottage soon after you leave.

9. Please do not leave anything behind—just throw out food or take it with you, and double-check to make sure you don't leave items for us to handle. The barer the cottage, the better.

We appreciate your help in keeping all of us as safe as we can be under the circumstances.