1. Please have a mask at hand at all times when around our property. Masks are required in the trash sheds, phone shed, and the Thompson House hallways. We are no longer requiring masks elsewhere, but ask that all guests be prepared to wear a mask or distance from other parties to protect those who are vulnerable and unable to vaccinate.

2. We are supplying towels and sheets and asking people to bring their own pillows, blankets, and bedspreads.

3. The office and barn are locked, unmanned, and closed to the public, which means that there are no public bathrooms.

4. WiFi is still available outside the office. We will provide chairs widely spaced; please give others a respectful distance.

5. We will be managing from afar, so if you need to contact us you can call from the phone shed by the office. We will respond to emergencies only after business hours.

6. We will provide replacement supplies, towels, sheets on the office porch daily with the exception of Saturdays. We will take requests by phone or email until 2 p.m. and items will be on the office porch for pickup by 4 p.m. If you miss the 2 p.m. email/phone deadline, your items will be put out the next day.

7. We ask that you put all of your dirty sheets in a tall, clear kitchen garbage bag and tie it up. Put all dirty towels in another bag and tie it up. If you need to shake out blankets or bedding, please do so outside. Also, please take your garbage to the trash shed.

8. Before leaving, please turn off the heat and leave the windows and doors open.

9. Please do not leave anything behind—throw out food or take it with you, and double-check to make sure you don't leave anything.

Thank you for your cooperation.