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Seasons Come, Seasons Go

One of the best parts of living in Maine is the distinctly different seasons and the change of routine that accompanies them. I've always looked forward to the next season's activities as we transition from one month to the next. Foraging for fiddle heads in the spring, saltwater swimming in summer, apple picking in fall or cross country skiing in winter, we are always ready for a change of pace. Even on a daily basis we plan according to the conditions. The ice may be thick enough for skating one week, but then a snow spoils the surface and it's time to switch to skiing. As the saying goes, "if you don't like the weather in Maine, just wait 5 mins!"

A temperate climate demands that we are flexible and adapt to the weather just as the animals and plants do. Although we don't have the luxury of hibernation, the pace does slow in the winter as the days shorten. We anticipate winter's challenges with a full-spectrum light box, long johns and our winter boots. Our daily tasks gradually shift from tending to guests to property maintenance and next season's reservations.

Last week our staff began spring cleaning. It was also the first week of work for our new staff members who were raring to go. Now we are fully staffed and ready to catch up on maintenance that fell by the wayside with the disruption from the pandemic. We want things to be ship-shape when our loyal guests return for their own annual rituals.

We saw a gaggle of Canada geese on Little Island last week. A welcoming spot for a little respite on a long journey north. This season we look forward to providing a well-earned respite for folks after the long year behind us. Many of our guests have been on the front line through this very challenging year: teachers and nurses, those who have lost loved ones to the virus. We hope to provide a place for rest and relaxation. An escape from everyday worries is needed more than ever. We will still be practicing the COVID-policy laid out by my parents last year, and we will do our utmost to make things as welcoming and comfortable as possible for the coming season.

As we look forward to this summer, we anticipate the transformation from stark winter landscape into verdant forest bordering rich, blue ocean. We also anticipate life slowly creeping back to some semblance of normalcy. Hope of relatives and friends being able to hold our baby boy for the first time. Hope of eventually running into neighbors at the store without a second thought of whether we're six feet away from them. Hope of feeling a sense of community again.

The seasons may weather us, but the storm only makes a clear sky that much bluer.